A Deluxe Assortment of Delightful Couple Travel Bloggers Who Will Melt Your Heart

It’s easy and, frankly, quite fashionable to be cynical about Valentine’s Day. No matter what your feelings are toward this holiday, you have to hand it to couples who can travel together. No matter how strong of a bond you have with someone, how well you get along in other circumstances, or how irresistibly sexy you find each other, travelling together can strain any kind of relationship and test it in unexpected ways, so it’s a huge accomplishment that these folks not only pull it off, but make it look damn easy. It’s enough to soften the most cynical of hearts.

Luci & Mike of 1000 Places to Fight Before You Die

Reasons to love them: You’ve gotta love their honesty and realism. In general, most trips bear a closer resemblance to a National Lampoons Vacation movie than the alluring fantasies of a travel brochure, and Lucie and Mike not only share their misadventures, but revel in it. They embrace the humour (at least in hindsight) of situations like getting separated at the Louvre and, after a harrowing experience, returning to find that your partner enjoyed a five-star meal in your absence.

1000Fights couple travel bloggers
Mike and Luci – 1000Fights.com

Nat & Tim of A Cook Not Mad

Reasons to love them: Naming their blog after Canada’s first cookbook earned these guys a soft spot in this nerdilicious heart of mine straight away. They take their food seriously, but their blog is very accessible, even for someone like me who can’t cook to save herself. Not only are there luscious, drool-inducing photos on this culinary travel blog, there are also recipes!

Beth & Randy of Beers and Beans

Reasons to love them: Their logo is a dirigible. They do things like challenge themselves to meet 26 new people on a cruise ship by treating each person to a cocktail starting with a different letter of the alphabet. They also wrote a highly regarded photography book called Getting Out of Auto, whose title also makes an excellent philosophical motto for travelling.

Beers-and-Beans couple travel bloggers
Beth & Randy – Beers and Beans

Chris & Tawny of Captain and Clark

Reasons to love them: Until they fell in love while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, these two actively disliked each other. Now they call themselves modern cartographers. Since maps are awesome and ultra sexy, it stands to reason that cartographers inherently possess a certain awesomeness and sex appeal. Plus, they make bombastically entertaining internet videos, and turn up in costume when you least (or most) expect it.

Kenin & Lauren of The Constant Rambler

Reasons to love them: They travel with their dogs. They are road trip aficionados extraordinaire, and their blog has many photos of cool trains. And they have a manifesto. There’s nothing sexier than a manifesto.

Andy & Becki of Discover with Andy and Becki

Reasons to love them: When Andy can tear himself away from his job in the cancer-fighting business, these two pack their bags, bring their fuzzy alpaca, and embark on adventures like crossing the Atlantic by ship. Yes, I said alpaca. His name is Alfie.

Discover with Andy and Becki couple travel bloggers
Andy, Becki, and Alfie – Discover with Andy and Becki

Cassie & Kevin of Ever in Transit

Reasons to love them: You can find your own reasons to love these guys. There are plenty to choose from.  For me, I love that they share my enthusiasm for Easter Island, Punxsutawney Phil, and a good sweets crawL. Both are great photographers, and generous with their knowledge and travel wisdom. One of the things that makes their blog stand out is how they are able to weave thought-provoking social issues into many of their stories, without ever being pedantic or partisan.

Cassie Kevin Ever in Transit couple travel bloggers
Kevin and Cassie – Ever in Transit

Adam & Hannah of Getting Stamped

Getting Stamped-couple travel bloggers
Hannah and Adam – Getting Stamped

Reasons to love them: Their motto is “A full passport is a happy passport” and I am inclined to agree. My little-known ability to converse with inanimate objects has allowed me to establish that my passport loves getting stamped. Their blog is filled with stunning photography, inspiring stories, and delicious stats about their travels.

Heather & Ish of Globetrotting Mama

Reasons to love them: Having travelled with these two in the lush limestone lowlands of County Limerick, I can attest that both of them regularly have a mischievous glint in their eyes and a ready sense of adventure. They seem to be passing this on to their children, of which I wholeheartedly approve.

Nick & Dariece of Goats on the Road

Reasons to love them: Their site has much less to do with livestock than you might think. In fact, the goats in question are the bloggers themselves. It’s a reference to the fact that they carry all their possessions on their backs. Rather than being the goat equivalent of Crufts, as I had initially imagined, their Goat Shows videos give viewers a slice of life in many of the destinations they visit.

Gerard & Kieu of GQ Trippin

Reasons to love them: This young couple knows what they like to do best. Travel. Eat. Blog. Though they can seen trying all kinds of different foods around the world, they also don’t lose touch with their roots and travel with a supply of their favourite soy sauce and sirhacha.

GQTrippin-couple travel bloggers
Gerard and Kieu – GQTrippin

David & Veronica of The Gypsynester

Reasons to love them: These aren’t your garden-variety empty nesters. Loads of people travel once their kids leave home, but this couple has taken it to the extreme. Adopting somewhat of a scorched earth approach, they sold their nest and everything in it and set out on a life of full-time travel and taking on adventures that could put some gap year hijinks to shame.

Veronica & David – Gypsynester

Dalene & Pete of Hecktic Travels

Reasons to love them: How can you not? Every photo of them in existence is utterly adorable and their stories are entertaining, heartwarming, and compelling. From the mundane but serious matter of trying to get a decent haircut when you don’t speak the language, to their touching saga of how a life of travel has its roots in dealing with personal tragedy, its easy to connect with Dalene and Pete through their blog. No wonder National Geographic named them Travelers of the Year in 2014.

Pete and Dalene – Hecktic Travels

Karin & Kieran of K & K Adventures

Reasons to love them: They have British accents, which science has proven is the sexiest kind of accent one can have. In those British accents — which you have to imagine in your head as you are reading their blog — they describe their experiences putting down roots in Canada, as well as exciting travel escapades to locales both near and far.

Kieran and Karin – K and K Adventures

Erin & Simon of Neverending Voyage

Reasons to love them: Simon travels with a guitar, and Erin puts up with it — I find that very romantic. They’ve also designed a handy app for tracking travel expenses and, more importantly, a t-shirt that says I <3 Mooses. Need I say more?

Simon and Erin – Never-ending Voyage

Caanan & Kent of No Vacation Required

Reasons to love them: When I had an epiphany in 2012 and abandoned my conventional career in ordered to travel as much as I wanted, I felt very alone in that. It was enormously refreshing to discover the NVR guys and in them find someone else who recognized the absurdity of only being able to live the life that you want a few weeks out of the year. They convincingly show that you can really live your life every day.

Hai & Jessica of Notes of Nomads

Jessica and Hai – Notes of Nomads

Reasons to love them: Join one of their joyful photo walks ,like I did in Athens, and you will soon see what’s so loveable about Hai and Jessica. They are super supportive of others, and that comes through on their blog, which is loaded with tips and resources for travellers, particularly in Japan.

Erica & Shaun of Over Yonderlust

Reasons to love them: This duo has been bringing badassery to the travel blogosphere since 2010. Together for half their lives, these two cover travel through a creative, indie lens. Speaking of lenses, Erica has mad photography skills, and recently mounted her first gallery exhibit of photographs from their travels.

EricaShaun_Overyonderlust-couple travel bloggers
Erica and Shaun – Over Yonderlust

Dave & Deb of The Planet D

Reasons to love them: Hands down, these are the most positive, exuberant people I know. Dave and Deb are pioneers of travel blogging and they have made a name for themselves in a big way as Canada’s Adventure Couple. It seems as though they take everything in stride and bounce back from any obstacles, even when Dave recently broke his back in the wilds of deepest, darkest Peru!

Deb and Dave – The Planet D

Michael & Nicole of Suitcase Stories

Reasons to love them: Besides covering luxury travel and giving their readers a sneak peek of the plusher, more opulent side of travel, they often post couples travel tips to help maintain a healthy and happy relationship while travelling together. They should know. They’ve been together for 14+ years.

Nicole and Michael – Suitcase Stories

Ryan & Vanessa of Turnipseed Travel

Reasons to love them: I might be biased about these two, as they let me live with them sometimes and drive me to pirate festivals and soul food joints. Besides those highly attractive qualities, they are also thoroughly hilarious yet pragmatic in their pursuit of affordable luxury. Still married after the infamous Myanmar Train Fiasco, I think they are in it for the long haul.

Audrey & Dan of Uncornered Market

Reasons to love them: This pair is universally respected by seasoned travellers and bloggers alike and in some cases downright adored. In person they are affable and generous, and their blog is teeming with profound tales and eminently useful information and insights, such as the role of empathy in travel, or how to avoid spending your holiday praying to the porcelain gods.

Dan and Audrey – Uncornered Market

Caz & Craig of yTravel Blog

 Reasons to love them: Not only is their site truly inspiring, visually pleasurable, and filled with gorgeous photography, a key motif of their blog is enabling others to live their dreams and so Caz and Craig have provided a snazzy 12-step guide to help aspiring travellers make a break for it. You really have to see it to believe it. Oh, and they have cute kids, too.

y Travel Blog-couple-travel-bloggers
Craig and Caz – yTravel blog

Disclosure and acknowledgements: All photos in this post were used with permission. Many thanks to the respective bloggers who retain copyright of them. All opinions and smartassery are my own. No one put me up to any of this.


    1. Thanks so much. You guys deserve honourable mention as well. There are so many more blogs I would have loved to include but I needed to keep it to 24 because apparently I’m a slave to novel thematic allusions.

  1. Thanks so much for including us in this post, Steph! It was a pleasure to get to know you in Athens. Let’s go on a photo walk somewhere else in the world soon!

    Thanks also for introducing us to some great reads here. Some of these travel bloggers are new to us so we’ll be sure to go check them out! 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! Keep up the great work. I hope there will be many more photo walks in our future. I’m thrilled you made some discoveries in this post. That’s what I was going for with it!

    1. Don’t be humbled my dear, just keep on being awesome. Looking forward to hearing about more of your adventures this year. It would be so cool if our paths crossed sometime. I think we would have a blast.

  2. This is a great list! Such a cute idea. 🙂 Perhaps we’ll get a spot on next year’s lovey dovey lineup.

    So nice meeting you at WITS, Steph! Sidenote: that avocado salad at Shojo was pretty delish. Glad I could see you were enjoying it before I had to order. Yum yum!

    Happy travels and on all good things to come for you. 🙂

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