Foto Friday: Another Rainy Day in Glasgow

Rainy Day in Glasgow

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Foto Friday post, partly because it was distracting me from doing “real” posts, but mainly because nowadays I have difficulty remembering what day it is. But today I felt inspired and it is indeed Friday for once, so here you have it.

It might come as a surprise to you to learn that it rains a lot in Scotland. At least it did when I visited in October. It rained almost every day I spent in this otherwise delightful country. I snapped this picture while walking back along the Clyde on my way home from the Riverside Museum. Hey, the sun is coming out!


    1. With all due respect DL, I think you may have lost some objectivity on this subject since you started living in Scotland. In the rest of the world, drizzle is still considered to be a form of rain ;P But if telling yourself it’s not really raining is what gets you through it, then who am I to judge?

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