Foto Friday: Ascending Corcovado

In this photo essay, we start in the train station at the base of Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, and gradually ascend until we see what we find at the very top of the mountain.

train station Corcovado Rio de Janeiro Brazil

train corcovado rio de janeiro brazil

rio de janeiro viewed from corcovado

cafe umbrellas corcovado rio de janeiro brazil

corcovado overlook rio de janeiro brazil

Christo Redentor Christ Redeemer Rio de Janeiro Brazil


    1. Who says? Angel’s Flight was cool. Funiculars rock. I almost did this week’s post about it, but decided on Corcovado instead. Maybe next one or the week after.

    1. Thanks! It was pretty high, but nothing too drastic. We were there at just the right time when were wasn’t as much fog or cloud cover. When we were leaving all kind of clouds rolled in, so our guide timed it perfectly.

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