Foto Friday: Chrysalis

Anticipation and expectation are all around. It seems as though everyone in my life is waiting for something right now. Spring has taken its sweet time arriving this year, so we are left waiting for signs of life. My sister is embarking on a new career and is waiting for certain pieces to fall into place that could rearrange her family’s lives completely. I await some news that will shape my travels this year. Anticipation is building for TBEX — which is only six weeks away now — and the excitement and opportunities it may bring.

So it seemed fitting that I should post this image of chrysalides captured at the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls two weekends ago. Inside each of them a caterpillar is quietly, patiently transforming into a butterfly.



  1. This was one cool part of the conservatory that I didn’t take a picture of. I’m still amazed at the number of butterflies we saw.

    1. Yeah, I wish I’d taken more pics of this area. I only snapped a couple with my phone. The Butterfly Conservatory was super cool and I’ll definitely be writing a full post about it down the line.

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