Foto Friday: Dining and Dashing in Uruguay

Besides the novelty of old-timey drive-in restaurants with roller-skating carhops, eating in the car is not generally a recipe for enjoying food.

Another exception might be this restaurant in Colonia, Uruguay, where you can enjoy leisurely fine-dining at a table for two inside this vintage automobile that is a permanent fixture on the patio.

Colonia Uruguay car dining


I wish there’d been more time to enjoy Uruguay. We only spent an afternoon there on our escorted tour, which was really only enough time for lunch and a wander through the bucolic streets of the town of Colonia del Sacramento


  1. When I was a kid there was an old gutted out airplane that had been turned into a cafe. It doesn’t look nearly as cool as this, but my sister and I always begged our Mum to stop there when we were driving up to Auckland to see our grandparents!

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