Foto Friday: To Telescope

Priffith Park Observatory sunset telescope

According to Roseitta’s research, The grounds at Griffith Observatory are the best place to get a view of the Hollywood sign as well as to watch the sun set over Los Angeles.

What drew me to this scene was the typography of the sign and the sweeping line of the art deco staircase. Doesn’t it make you want to climb up and check out the view?

Not only is the view spectacular, but the Griffith Observatory is a fascinating, ultra science-y place whether or not the sun happens to be setting. It’s also rathe tempting to take that telescope for a spin.

A black-and-white version of this image was featured as the Photo of the Day on Discover Los Angeles


  1. Was this place features in Star Trek Voyager?! It seems familiar…I think it was the episode when they travelled back in time to Earth in the 1990s and met someone who worked at this observatory. Maybe.

    1. I don’t know. Now I’ll have to geek out and look that up. I know lots of stuff has been filmed there. Who can blame them? Love the art deco architecture!

    1. Maybe next time. I seriously recommend it. Arrive with lots of time to spare, as there can be a lot of traffic and it could be difficult to find a parking spot.

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