Foto Friday: Eating Ice Cream in Bariloche

Bariloche Ice cream

It’s a reality of travelling that some days are going to be effed up no matter how much you have your act together. Those days call for ice cream.

It was going to be great. It was unusual to have much free time during our tour of South America, but on this day in Bariloche, Argentina, we had a huge block of it. I was going to whip off the article I owed my editor and then head out and explore for hours and hours!

The Internet gods were having none of that. The hotel’s internet connection unexpectedly devolved into glacial mode and instead of my work taking half an hour to complete, I spent hours wrestling with a bad connection, cajoling it to work, pleading with hotel IT people. Finally I had no other choice but to decamp to McDonald’s and use their wi-fi to submit my work.

With only an hour or so of free time left, I did what any sensible person would do. I took a walk and went for ice cream.

Admittedly, seeking chocolate and ice cream is my default response to stress and frustration, but if there were ever an ideal place for me to be stressed out, Bariloche is it. This town in Patagonia is famous for its chocolate and there is a heladeria (ice cream shop) on almost every street street corner. I went for milk chocolate, white chocolate and dulce de leche, which were all tremendously satisfying choices. Plus, I conducted the entire conversation, albeit a brief one, in Spanish with no pointing required whatsoever. It’s the small victories that count.


  1. I can totally empathize with your connectivity frustrations. I don’t usually have much of a sweet tooth, but I think I would have gone in search of ice cream, too!

    1. Thanks Juliann! It was enough to drive one to drink, actually, but I’m more of a sweets person than a drinker. I don’t think a glass of fine Argentinian wine would have been nearly as satisfying in that moment.

  2. In the end, I think you won. That is just the right place to resort to chocolate ice cream! And of course the ever-present dulce de leche. Hope the internet picks up again for you.

  3. The place must be fabulous…
    It’s interesting that Argentine regions include ice-cold areas, vast dry deserts and even wet hot rainforests…
    Quite a huge and diverse country.

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