Foto Friday: Randy’s Donuts

The first thing we did when we got to Los Angeles was pay a visit to Randy’s Donuts, which is very close to LAX and not far from our hotel.

Randy's Donuts


long john donut


  1. So, was it worth the trip? Best donuts you’ve had? And sorry, what kind did you have? Did you just have one each or did you sample a few flavours? How did it compare to the donuts we had in Michigan?

    1. Definitely worth the trip, even just to see the cool little retro drive-in with ginormous donut on top. Roseitta and I each got a donut (was tempted to get more but we knew we had a whole trip’s worth of calories ahead of us). Roseitta had a jelly donut and I picked a Long John, which is kinda like an eclair without the cream inside. I’d give the donuts a 7/10. They were good, fresh, and better than you’d get at any chain, but not especially craveworthy. I wouldn’t go out of my way just for the donuts, but the whole experience was fun. I also got on of their chocolate chip cookies that they brag about on some of their signage. Next time I would save my calories for something else as the cookie was kind of meh.

    1. OMG Alouise! You are missing out! The donuts at Tim Hortons aren’t worth crossing the street for. The Tiny Tom ones at the fair are fun, but I tend to prefer a yeast donuts over cake ones. Did you at least try a beignet or two in New Orleans?

    1. Hee hee. For a fleeting moment there you sounded like Golem from LOTR. Better banish that thought from my mind by thinking about yummy donuts again.

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