My Plans…And I Do Have Some

For someone who forsook her cubicle-based existence for a life of location independence, I've spent a surprising amount of time at home. I need to take this show on the road.
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On Finding My Tribe

Finding your tribe is a lot like falling in love. You don’t know you‘ve found it until you’re there, and it’s an incredible feeling.

Foto Friday: Royal Botanical Gardens

Sometimes you just need to be around living things. Just as the seemingly endless winter was finally fading away I took an outing to Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario

The Post I Dreaded Writing

I need to tell you something, but I’ve been unsure how to do it, so I put it off for a long time. It requires delicacy and tact, which are not always my forte.

Foto Friday: Chrysalis

Anticipation and expectation are all around. It seems as though everyone in my life is waiting for something right now.

Timey Wimey Stuff

Pretend you're in the TARDIS, travelling with The Doctor to various points in space and time every day. That's sort of how I write this blog.