Foto Friday: A Taste of Easter Island

I've made you wait long enough. There will be oodles of posts about Easter Island to come, but here are a few photos to whet your appetite for this incredible destination.

Camera Angst

Camera angst strikes every time I book a once-in-a-lifetime trip. It is a particular variety of angst that involves the nagging doubt that my camera equipment will not be up to the task, and the temptation to buy a new one builds.
corcovado overlook rio de janeiro brazil

Foto Friday: Ascending Corcovado

In this photo essay, we start in the train station at the base of Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, and gradually ascend until we see what we find at the very top of the mountain.
agreement signature

The Roommate Agreement

Having never travelled together before, Roseitta and I drafted a Roommate Agreement for our trip to South America.