Foto Friday: Santa Monica Pier in Black and White

We got carried away at Santa Monica Pier. The pier was the first real sightseeing outing that Roseitta and I took during our trip and we kinda went crazy taking photos that day. Carnivals are one of my all-time favourite subjects to photograph, so it came as no surprise when I downloaded my pics that I’d shot over 1,000 images during our day surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, a mesmerizing Ferris Wheel, fascinating characters, fun and games. It was amazing to see how different everything looked as the light changed from afternoon, to evening, to night.

Lately I’ve been rather taken with black-and-white photography, which has surprised me given how crazy I am about colourful things. I recently offered to do a guest post for The Planet D on Los Angeles in black-and-white, and while I was compiling the photos for it I was drawn to so many of the images I shot in Santa Monica. So I created this photo essay for Foto Friday to show you some of the pier’s finer details in monochrome. In a way, black-and-white is also fitting because it was so frizzin’ frazzin’ cold when we were there!

Click on any of the images to view the whole dealio as a slideshow.

Randy's Donuts

Foto Friday: Randy’s Donuts

The first thing we did when we got to Los Angeles was pay a visit to Randy’s Donuts, which is very close to LAX and not far from our hotel.

Randy's Donuts


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