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Pretend you’re in the TARDIS, travelling with The Doctor to various points in space and time every day. That’s sort of how I write this blog (though my fantasy of running away with The Doctor has yet to manifest itself)


So yeah, I don’t post chronologically. I write stories when it feels right to tell them. It works out better that way. No, I’m not just saying that because I’m mildly obsessed with time travel.

At the risk of sounding like Dr. Phil (and it feels so wrong to even mention him in the same post as my beloved Time Lord) this ain’t my first travel blog. My previous one was dreadful. In 2007 I went on a six-week professional exchange to England and attempted to blog about my experiences.  I didn’t really think of it as actual writing, but more as a daily diary. Blogging is time consuming and very quickly I got behind in chronicling my trip. I accumulated volumes and volumes of notes waiting to be written up. It got more overwhelming with every passing day. Not to mention the resulting blog posts were tedious and scarcely worth reading. Mercifully, I only ended up publishing about 10 of those missives before it all collapsed under the weight of chronology. The same thing happened when I went to Antarctica a few years earlier.

Nowadays I don’t attempt to keep travel journals, and I’m a far better writer than I used to be. My travel writing is not so much a succession of “and then I…”  as individual moments, which I write about when I’ m good and ready. That might be hours or minutes after some incredible experience, or months later once I’ve digested the nuanced insights from a trip.

Eventually it will all work out in a nonlinear, wibbly-wobbly way to form a complete picture. Until then, just go with it and enjoy the ride.


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  1. I can totally relate to this. Most of my blog posts are all out of order as well. I love the nerdy reference to Doctor Who I never thought of looking at it that way before.
    I recently got into Doctor who and am up to season 5 and its BLOWING MY MIND!!! haha

    1. Haha, thanks Brendon! Gotta let my freak flag fly somehow 😉 Classic Doctor Who is well worth watching as well. Douglas Adams wrote many of the episodes and the low budget sets/costumes/effects can be pretty hilarious.

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