Where Are We Going in South America?

South America is a big place. I’ve been fielding lots of questions about our trip itinerary, so I made this wee animation to give you an overview of the places that we are going. We’re not hitting all the destinations I would love to visit, but we’re certainly covering a lot of territory.

To see where we are at a given point in time, keep an eye on the Current Whereabouts map in the right sidebar.


  1. Great map and help aid, Steph! Glad to keep up with where you are. Hope that your trip is all and more than you expected!

  2. Way cool! How did you make that?

    I’ve wanted to go to Buenos Aires ever since seeing Evita. It looked like such an interesting city.

    1. Thx, Linda. I made it with iMovie. It has maps that you can just plug in the points on the map and it animates them for you. I’m really looking forward to B.A. as well.

  3. That is a seriously intense itinerary!

    I don’t know why they didn’t put you returning home from Easter Island via Lima instead of Santiago again? That would have been more direct. Crazy airline schedules!

    I’m so excited to follow your journey!

    1. Yup, it’s pretty intense. I was totally unprepared for the journey from LAX to Rio. I didn’t look at your tix closely enough to realize it was going to take us two whole days. They routed us LAX to Lima, Lima to Santiago, 6 hour layover in Santiago, then Santiago to Rio. Gruelling. Glad we spend a few days in LA, or we would have had the 5-hour flight from Toronto to LAX on top of that. So glad we have a direct flight hom from Santiago at the end. They originally wanted to route us through LA again! I should end up accumulating a few airline points anyway!

    1. Well, pretty soon I may be jealous of your paycheque 😉 Seriously, I’m fortunate to be doing this. The heat in Brazil takes some getting used to (lower than 25C is sweater weather to them) and it’s been in the mid thirties most of the time, but it’s a nice change from snow!

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